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Security Announcement
Global Security Advisories, Responses, and Notices
Title Resolved Published
DNS-320L / DNS-325 / DNS-327 / DNS-340L and All D-Link NAS Storage :: All Models and All Revison :: End of Service Life :: CVE-2024-3273 & CVE-2024-3272: Vulnerabilities Reported by VulDB/Netsecfish
Publication ID: SAP10383

Related Product:
Yes 2024-04-04 GMT
DIR-850L:: All H/W Revisions :: All Firmware Versions :: End of Support / End of Life Product :: Reported Vulnerability
Publication ID: SAP10277
Yes 2022-01-13 GMT
(Non-US) DIR-822 :: H/W Rev. Ax/Bx/Cx :: All Models :: End of Life :: End of Service :: Reported Security Vulnerability
Publication ID: SAP10372
Yes 2024-01-30 GMT
DAP-2230/2553/2565/2590/2660/2960/2695/3520/3662 :: All Models :: All Revisions :: End of Life (EOL) / End of Service (EOS) : Reporte vulnerability
Publication ID: SAP10380
Yes 2024-02-01 GMT
DAP-2230/2310/2360 :: All Models :: All Revisions :: Zero-Day (Day-0) Reflected XSS Vulnerability
Publication ID: SAP10382
Open 2024-02-26 GMT
(Non-US) DIR-846 :: H/W. Rev. Ax :: F/W All Versions :: End-of-Life (EOL) / End-of-Service-Life (EOS) :: Security Vulnerability Reported
Publication ID: SAP10381
Yes 2024-02-23 GMT
(non-US) DSL-3782 : H/W Rev. Ax :: F/W v1.01 and v1.03 :: Buffer overflow
Publication ID: SAP10378
Yes 2024-02-01 GMT
(Non-US) DWR-933 WPS-PIN mode vulnerability by German Stiftung Warentes
Publication ID: SAP10379
Yes 2024-02-01 GMT
(non-US) DSL-G256DG :: All H/W Revision :: All F/W Version :: End-of-Life / End-of-Service :: Accused of Security Vulnerabilities
Publication ID: SAP10335
Yes 2023-05-31 GMT
DIR-1960/1360/3060/2660 :: FW v1.11b03 or below :: Command Injection in HNAP Vulnerabilities
Publication ID: SAP10377
Yes 2024-02-01 GMT
DIR-878 Rev Ax F/W v1.30B06 Hotfix 02 :: (Non-US) DI-7200GV2 Rev. E1 F/W v21.04.09E1 :: CVE-2021-46226 thru CVE-2021-46233 :: Multiple Vulnerability
Publication ID: SAP10284
Open 2022-02-15 GMT
DIR-882 & DIR-882-US :: H/W Rev. Ax :: F/W v1.30B06_Hotfix_02 :: CVE-2021-44880, CVE-2021-44881, & CVE-2021-45998 :: Multiple Vulnerabilities
Publication ID: SAP10287
Open 2022-02-15 GMT
D-Link Product Advisory :: CVE-2020-11134 :: Qualcomm WLAN Chipset Vulnerability Disclosure
Publication ID: SAP10269
Partial 2022-01-06 GMT
D-Link Affected Devices :: CVE-2022-30295 :: DNS poisoning flaw due to the use of legacy version of uClibc
Publication ID: SAP10297
Yes 2022-05-04 GMT
DIR-878.:: H/W Rev. A1 :: F/W vFW1.30B08_Hotfix_02:: Command Injection Vulnerabilities
Publication ID: SAP10293
Yes 2022-03-21 GMT
(Non-US) DSL-2730U & (Non-US) DSL-2750U :: Rev. Ax :; Improper Access Control via Hardware Exploit
Publication ID: SAP10357
Yes 2023-10-10 GMT
DIR-2150:: H/W Ax :: F/W v1.06.01 :: ZDI-CAN-21235: LAN-Side Command Injection Vulnerability
Publication ID: SAP10376
Yes 2024-02-01 GMT
DIR-3040 :: H/W Ax :: F/W v1.20B03 :: LAN-Side Buffer Overflow in MiniDLNA Daemon Vulnerability
Publication ID: SAP10375
Yes 2024-01-31 GMT
COVR-2600R & COVR-3902 Kit :: H/W Rev. Ax :: FW v1.01b05 :: LAN-Side HNAP Command injection
Publication ID: SAP10374
Yes 2024-01-31 GMT
COVR-2600R & COVR-3902 Kit :: H/W Rev. Ax :: F/W v1.01B05 :: LAN-Side Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
Publication ID: SAP10373
Yes 2024-01-31 GMT