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IoT_reaper Botnet information:: DIR-850L, DIR-600, and DIR-300

Security researchers have recently warned that a new botnet called Reaper has actively attempted to target unpatched IoT devices, which are more vulnerable to attack. The new botnet targets vulnerabilities previously disclosed in DIR-850L, DIR-300 and DIR-600 routers that have already been resolved by D-Link with firmware patches.  If you have not updated the firmware for  your DIR-850L, DIR-300 or DIR-600 routers, your devices are more vulnerable to this new botnet attack. We urge users to immediately go to their local D-Link support site to update their devices with the latest firmware.


The IoT_Reaper vulnerabilities affect the following products and firmware:


  • DIR-850L  H/W Rev.A1  Firmware Version : 1.14 or earlier version
  • DIR-850L  H/W Rev.B1  Firmware Version : 2.09 or earlier version
  • DIR-300   H/W Rev.Bx  Firmware Version : 2.13 or earlier version
  • DIR-600   H/W Rev.Bx  Firmware-Version : 2.14 or earlier version


Firmware fixes are currently available for the following affected products:


  • DIR-850L    H/W Rev.A1  Requires Security Patch   1.20B03 Beta
  • DIR-850L    H/W Rev.B1  Requires Security Patch   2.20B03
  • DIR-300**   H/W Rev.Bx  Requires Firmware Version 2.14WWB04
  • DIR-600**   H/W Rev.Bx  Requires Firmware Version 2.18WWB01


         **Please note this product is not sold or supported  in the US Region by D-Link (D-Link Systems, Inc./D-Link US/DUS)



We appreciate and value having security concerns brought to our attention. D-Link (D-Link Systems, Inc.) constantly monitors for both known and unknown threats.


To report a security vulnerability, visit or contact via email.