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Information regarding Meltdown and Spectre Security Vulnerabilities

Security researchers recently disclosed security vulnerabilities, Spectre and Meltdown, that could potentially allow unauthorized access to devices containing processors from several vendors. We immediately began our investigation, and we will provide updates below. This is not an exhaustive list, please check back frequently for the latest information.


**Unaffected Products  (Updated 01/17/18 1:32 PM PST)


Model Family
DIR, DWR, DE WBR EBR COVR Consumer IP Routers Not Affected
DAP & DWL Business & Consumer Access Points Not Affected
DHP Consumer Power-Line Adapters Not Affected
DCS & DSH Business & Consumer IP Cameras Not Affected
DSP & DCH Consumer IoT Devices Not Affected
DUB Consumer USB Devices Not Affected
DWA, DFE, DWL Consumer Networking Adapters Not Affected
DP, DEM, DMC, DPS Passive Transcievers and Power Supplies/Injectors Not Affected
DVG, DVA, VTA, VTR DPH Consumer & BusinessVoIP Devices Not Affected
DSL Consumer DSL Modem/Gateways (US Available Devices Only) Not Affected


Affected Products  (Updated 01/17/18 1:32 PM PST)

None at this time.


** Please note this information is accurate for products imported, sold iin the United States, and are using D-Link firmware. Please consult your regional websites for regional specific models & notices. For users of open-source firmware, please consult their associated websites for specific infomraiton regarding Meltdown and Spectre.