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DIR-880L :: DIR-868L :: DIR-890L :: DIR-885L :: DIR-895L :: CVE-2017-14948 :: Buffer Overflow



On October 15 , 2019, D-Link became  aware that a 3rd party researcher has recently disclosed CVE-2017-14948 that accuses DIR-880L DIR-868L DIR-890L DIR-885L DIR-895L of a security issue. 


We are currently investigating the report and will provide updates posted in the Recent Announcements at .


D-Link takes the issues of network security and user privacy very seriously. We have a dedicated task force and product management team on call to address evolving security issues and implement appropriate security measures. 




Affected Products


Currently, D-Link is aware that the following D-Link brand devices may be affected:


Model H/W Rev. Affected FW Fixed FW Latest FW Last Updated
 DIR-868L  Under Investigation  Under Investigations  Pending  1.20b01_BETA  10/17/2019
 DIR-880L  All A Revisions   1.08b04  1.08WWb06_BETA02   1.20B02 BETA01_icl9  12/21/2018
 DIR-890L/R  Under Investigation   Under Investigations  Pending   1.21b02_BETA  10/17/2019
 DIR-885L/R  Under Investigation   Under Investigations  Pending   1.21b03_BETA  10/17/2019
 DIR-895L/R  Under Investigation    1.13b03  Pending   1.21b04_BETA  10/17/2019




To mitigate the risks, we strongly encourage our users to do the following:


     - Ensure you have checked your local customer care support site (In US: to get the latest firmware available for your device.