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DIR-412 :: HW Rev Ax :: FW v1.14WWb02 :: CVE-2019-17511 :: CVE-2019-17512 :: Unauthenticated Infomration Disclosure, Command Execution, Information Disclosure due to LAN-Side Vulnerabilities

While D-Link is aware of the alleged vulnerabilities involving the DIR-412 that could allow a malicious user to access the devices web-configuration without credentials, this product has reached it's End of Life (EoL) /End of Support (EoS).


EoL/EoS:: 09/01/2016

Legacy Archive Reference ::


Once a product has reached its EoL/EoS date, D-Link is unable to provide support or development for them and therefore unable to resolve newly discovered bugs or security vulnerability concerns.


From time to time, D-Link will decide that certain of its products have reached EoL. D-Link may choose to EoL a product for many reasons, including shift in market demands, technology innovation, costs or efficiencies based on new technologies, or the product simply matures over time and is replaced by functionally superior technology.


D-Link recommends this product be retired, any further use maybe a risk to devices connected to it and end-users connected to it.


Once a product is identified as EoL, D-Link will provide the dates for which the support and service for that product will no longer be available.


While this is an established part of a product’s overall life cycle, D-Link understands that EoL of a product may affect an end-user’s decision to continue to use the product. The chart in the link below outlines D-Link's EoL Policy to help customers better manage their end-of-life transition and to help D-Link better understand its role in helping our customers migrate to alternative D-Link products and technology.



D-Link’s End-of-Life Policy can be found here: