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D-Link devices accused in COVID-19 Malware Security Threat

On March 23, 2020, D-Link became aware of a new cyberattack that hijacks routers’ DNS and redirects victims to malicious CO-VID19 apps. Even though it has been reported in the press that D-Link products may possibly be affected by this malware, it appears D-Link routers have been incorrectly identified as vulnerable to these attacks. We will provide updates as soon as we have more information.


If you are worried about your router being hacked, we strongly encourage the following actions to mitigate the risk of attack:


         1. Update your devices to the latest firmware available and reset the router to the factory default settings. 


        2. Ensure the Remote Access feature of the router remains factory-default disabled (off).


        3. Reset your device passwords and Wi-Fi password (encryption key) frequently. D-Link recommends using unique, complex passwords.


        4. Verify your devices and computers are using the correct DNS. Once your router is reset, reboot your devices and computers to refresh the network settings.


If you suspect that you have been hacked, you should immediately perform a scan on your computer for malware. Then, change the passwords for websites whose credentials are saved in your browser and for websites that you visited since being infected.


D-Link takes the issues of network security and user privacy very seriously. We have a dedicated task force and product management team on call to address evolving security issues and implement appropriate security measures.