Support Announcements
(Non-US) GO-DSL-AC750 :: H/W Rev. Ax :: FW v.EU_1.04 :: End-of-Service Life device with Multiple Vulnerability



On December 18, 2020, a 3rd Party reported multiple security vulnerabilities on the GO-DSL-AC750. The GO-DSL-AC750, a (non-US) DSL Gateway, including all hardware revisions, has reached End of Support ("EOS") / End of Life ("EOL") of its Lifecycle.

As a  general policy, when products reach EOS/EOL, they can no longer be supported, and all firmware development for the products ceases.  Please read information and recommendations below.


Known Security-Related Issues after EOS/EOL date


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    GO-DSL-AC750 :: All Revision A :: FW v.EU_1.04 - XSS Stored,


    GO-DSL-AC750 :: All Revision A :: FW v.EU_1.04 - XSS Reflected


    GO-DSL-AC750 :: All Revision A :: FW v.EU_1.04 - File Path Traversal




Model Region Hardware Revision End of Support
GO-DSL-AC750 Globally All A Revisions
Please see your regional D-Link Office


Recommendation for End of Support /End of Life Products

From time to time, D-Link will decide that some of its products have reached End of Support ("EOS") / End of Life (“EOL”). D-Link may choose to EOS/EOL a product due to evolution of technology, market demands,  new innovations, product efficiencies based on new technologies, or the product matures over time and should be replaced by functionally superior technology.


D-Link strongly recommends that this product be retired and cautions that any further use of this product may be a risk to devices connected to it. If US consumers continue to use these devices against D-Link's recommendation, please make sure the device has the most recent firmware from your regional D-Link Office Support Website installed, make sure you frequently update the device's unique password to access its web-configuration, and always have WIFI encryption enabled with a unique password.