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(Non-US) D-Link Corporation Provides Details about an Information Disclosure Security Incident


On October 2, 2023, (Non-US) D-Link Corporation was notified of a claim of data breach from an online forum by an unauthorized third party, indicating the theft of certain data. Upon becoming aware of this claim, the company promptly initiated a comprehensive investigation into the situation and immediately took precautionary measures. Currently, there is no impact on any of the D-Link operations.


Through internal and external investigations by experts from Trend Mirco, the company identified numerous inaccuracies and exaggerations in the claim that were intentionally misleading and did not align with facts. The data was confirmed not from the cloud but likely originated from an old D-View 6 system, which reached its end of life as early as 2015. The data was used for registration purposes back then. So far, no evidence suggests the archaic data contained any user IDs or financial information. However, some low-sensitivity and semi-public information, such as contact names or office email addresses, were indicated.


The incident is believed to have been triggered by an employee unintentionally falling victim to a phishing attack, resulting in unauthorized access to long-unused and outdated data. Despite the company's systems meeting the information security standards of that era, it profoundly regrets this occurrence. D-Link is fully dedicated to addressing this incident and implementing measures to enhance the security of its business operations. After the incident, the company promptly terminated the services of the test lab and conducted a thorough review of the access control. Further steps will continue to be taken as necessary to safeguard the rights of all users in the future.


D-Link believes current customers are unlikely to be affected by this incident. However, please get in touch with local customer service for more information if anyone has concerns. D-Link takes information security seriously and has a dedicated task force and product management team on call to address evolving security issues and implement appropriate security measures. D-Link shall always endeavor to provide the best services to its customers.


l   What happened?

On October 1, 2023, someone posted an article in an online forum and claimed that the D-View system, a software monitoring tool for local networking devices and network administrators, was breached, and millions of users’ data were stolen.


l   Was there credibility in this claim?

There were numerous inaccuracies and exaggerations in this claim that did not align with the facts, including but not limited to:

-       The amount of data: Believed to be approximately 700 records

-       Active user: Presumably none

-       Registration information for some of the data

-       The latest login timestamps for some of the data


We have reasons to believe the latest login timestamps were intentionally tampered with to make the archaic data look recent.


l   When did the company take the necessary actions?

We initiated a comprehensive investigation into the claim and immediately took preventive measures on the same day we were informed.


l   What measures has the company currently taken?

We immediately shut down presumably relevant servers after being informed of this incident. We blocked user accounts on the live systems, retaining only two maintenance accounts to investigate any signs of intrusion further. Simultaneously, we conducted multiple examinations to determine if any leaked backup data remained in the test lab environment and disconnected the test lab from the company's internal network.


Subsequently, we will audit outdated user and backup data and proceed with their deletion to prevent a recurrence of similar incidents.


l   What is the impact of this incident?

The post claimed to have millions of user data. Based on the investigations, however, it only contained approximately 700 outdated and fragmented records that had been inactive for at least seven years. These records originated from a product registration system that reached its end of life in 2015. Furthermore, the majority of the data consisted of low-sensitivity and semi-public information.


Judging by the facts, we have good reasons to believe that most of D-Link's current customers are unlikely to be affected by this incident.


l   What was the cause of this incident?

The incident may have been caused by an employee falling victim to a phishing attack, resulting in unauthorized access to the long-unused and outdated data.


l   Has there been any significant vulnerability in the company's information security?

D-Link's information security systems adhere to the most stringent contemporary standards to ensure user rights.


Global concepts and technologies related to information security have made significant progress in recent years, and we have kept pace with these advancements, continually enhancing the depth and breadth of our information security measures.


The D-View 6 system identified in this investigation had reached its end of life in 2015. Our current product offering is D-View 8, which differs significantly from its predecessor two generations before regarding the rigor of information security measures and the simplification of registration data.


l   What is the suggestion for users?

We will never request users to provide passwords or personal financial information (such as bank or credit card details) through any means, including phone calls, text messages, or emails. If people receive such calls or letters, please get in touch with local authorities immediately to protect your rights.


If anyone has concerns, we recommend that users consider changing shared passwords on other websites or take necessary precautions.