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DIR-1360 / DIR-1960 / DIR-2660 :: Lan-Side RCE Vulnerabilities :: EOL/EOS in US / Supported Worldwide



On September 13, 2023, a D-Link was made aware of two LAN-Side security vulnerabilities for DIR-1360 Rev. Ax / DIR-1960 Rev. Ax / DIR-2660 Rev. Ax.  These devices have been EOL/EOS in the US since 12/31/2022, however they are still sold worldwide and supported until 03/31/2024. These disclosure reports are for DIR-1360 Rev. Ax / DIR-1960 Rev. Ax / DIR-2660 Rev. Ax using firmware version 1.11B04. The vulnerabilities in the device software (firmware), that can allow a malicious users to trigger a buffer overflow exploits on the LAN-side of the device  that will cause the system to halt function.


3rd Party Report information

    - Report provided:


           - khongtrang :: kendy9090 _at_ proton _dot_me


        - Vulnerabiltiy 1: The bug is stack-based buffer overflow in function FUN_0042cc84 in prog.cgi. his function calls strncpy with incorrect boundary checking and this function is called before authentication process, so unauthenticated users can leverage it to execute shellcode.

        - Vulnerabiltiy 2: A stack-based buffer overflow in the main function of prog.cgi. A POST request with User-Agent contains string "Edge" and body data starts with 3 bytes less than 0x20(space character) (example starts with: "\n\n\n"), function will call strcat at 0x42c3a8 leads to stack overflow.


Affected Models





Hardware Revision

End of Service Life

Fixed Firmware


Last Updated



All H/W A Revisions


 v1.11b04 Hotfix Beta

Upgrade - Retire & Replace Device 04/24


 DIR-1960  Worldwide  All H/W A Revisions  03/31/2024  v1.11b03 Hotfix Beta  Upgrade - Retire & Replace Device 04/24  12/11/2023
 DIR-2660  Worldwide  All H/W A Revisions  03/31/2024  v1.11b04 Hotfix Beta  Upgrade - Retire & Replace Device 04/24  12/11/2023



Recommendation for End-of-Support/End-of-Life Products


From time to time, D-Link will decide that some of its products have reached End of Support ("EOS") / End of Life (“EOL”). D-Link may choose to EOS/EOL an effect due to the evolution of technology, market demands, innovations, and product efficiencies based on new technologies, or the product matures over time and should be replaced by functionally superior technology.



For US Consumer  


If a product has reached End of Support ("EOS") / End of Life ("EOL"), there is usually no further extended support or development for it.

Typically, for these products, D-Link will be unable to resolve device or firmware issues since all development and customer support has ceased. 


D-Link US is prohibited from supporting these EOL/EOS products; if you are outside the US, please get in touch with your regional D-Link office. If your device was provided by a licensed carrier (service provider) and firmware, o get in touch with don’t hesitate to contact your carrier (service provider). Many devices on this list have available 3rd party open-firmware, D-Link does not support open-firmware, which voids any warranty and is solely the responsibility of the device's owner.


D-Link strongly recommends that this product be retired and cautions that any further use of this product may be a risk to devices connected to it. If US consumers continue to use these devices against D-Link's recommendation, please make sure the device has the last know firmware which can be located on the Legacy Website links above. Please make sure you frequently update the device's unique password to access its web-configuration, and always have WIFI encryption enabled with a unique password.