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DIR-850L:: All H/W Revisions :: All Firmware Versions :: End of Support / End of Life Product :: Reported Vulnerability
Publication ID: SAP10277
Resolved Status: Yes
Published on: 13 January 2022 12:54 GMT
Last updated on: 15 March 2024 11:39 GMT




The DIR-850L hardware revisions are legacy devices listed in the table below. All hardware revisions reached their end-of-life ("EOL") Life Cycle on March 1, 2020. D-Link US recommends that D-Link devices that have reached EOL/EOS be retired and replaced. Please get in touch with your regional office for recommendations (LINK).


As a general policy, when products reach EOS/EOL, they can no longer be supported, and all firmware development ceases for them. Please read the information and recommendations below.


3rd Party Reports (After EoL/EoS)


Report 1: 12/7/2019, Hardware Revision Bx, Firmware v2.21 or below


3rd Party

Sankar Gosu :: gosusnkr _at_ gmail _dot_ com


The LAN-Side Web-Configuration system is vulnerable to an XSS vulnerability.



Report 2: 02/29/2024, Hardware Revision Bx, Firmware DIR850LB1_FW223WWb01


3rd Party

Sven: Weiming Shi (swing) of Chaitin Security Research Lab

C0ss4ck of Bytedance Wuheng Lab

Fei Xincheng 费新程 of X1cT34m


1) Command injection under the genacgi_main function.

2) Buffer-Overflow under the hnap_main function


Affected Models





Hardware Revision

 End of Life

 Legacy Website 

Last Updated


All Regions

All H/W Revisions


Yes (Link)



Recommendation for End-of-Support/End-of-Life Products


From time to time, D-Link will decide that some of its products have reached the End of Support ("EOS") / End of Life (“EOL”). D-Link may choose to EOS/EOL a product due to technological evolution, market demands, new innovations, product efficiencies based on new technologies, or the product maturing over time and should be replaced by functionally superior technology.


For US Consumer


If a product has reached End of Support ("EOS") / End of Life ("EOL"), there is usually no further extended support or development for it.  Typically, for these products, D-Link will be unable to resolve device or firmware issues since all development and customer support has ceased. 


D-Link strongly recommends that this product be retired and cautions that further use may be risky to connected devices. If US consumers continue to use these devices against D-Link's recommendation, please ensure the device has the most recent firmware, frequently updates its unique password to access its web configuration, and always has WIFI encryption enabled with a unique password.